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About Simbavati management services

Creating sustainable growth in Tourism.

Simbavati Management Services offers hospitality management services to independent lodges and hotels  in which guest experiences come first. Everything we do always starts with the question of how it will improve the experience for the guest whilst ensuring optimal business performance for the owner at the same time.

We have an unparalleled depth of experience and a passion for creating sustainable growth in African tourism. We take away the burden of managing lodges and hotels and restore the pleasure of creating amazing memories for our guests.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we create unmatched value for our partners by leveraging our experience, systems, procedures and access to the market.


Passion for Performance & Innovation

Lodges and hotels achieve better results when better managed. Businesses, even smaller ones, are getting more complex and competition is increasing from well resourced corners. In order to excel, each aspect of your business needs to be best in class. This can possibly be done as a standalone business, but sharing resources and having access to skilled specialists with experience, will guarantee this.

Simbavati provides lodges and hotel owners access to a team of experts that focus on different aspects of your business, a proven set of procedures and systems that improve profitability and create long term capital growth. We move with the latest hospitality management technology as well as in-house tech developments.


Passion for Business, Industry Specialists

Simbavati focuses on small to medium sized lodges and hotels of up to 50 rooms in prime tourism locations that are operating, or have the potential to operate, at a 4 to 5-star level. We form long term relationships to maximise benefits for all stakeholders. Our management starts with an assessment of your business to determine that there is, or can be, a fit between your property and the Simbavati Brand. And that we can add sufficient value.

Our team has many years of experience in the tourism industry which allows us to more effectively streamline your business and enhance your ability to more effectively manage and grow your business.

OUR services

We create tailored Solutions.

We pride ourselves on creating tailored solutions that will best suit the needs of you and your lodge. We make it our priority to work openly and collaboratively at all times, so that you know what is happening.

Our professional and personable approach will instil cohesion and confidence within your existing team. We collaborate with a network of industry and technical specialists to ensure that you are always given the best service and solutions.



Our core business is operating lodges and our experienced team of hospitality experts ensures that properties under our management are managed using our proven Simbavati guidelines which drive better guest experiences and successful lodges. We achieve this through hiring talented managers, providing ongoing training, implementing rigorous and measurable quality control and by creating a culture of service excellence. We install systems and procedures that reduce wastage, measure consumption, control stocks and manage staff. We provide meaningful and detailed monthly reporting which allows us, and the owner, to monitor progress and take corrective action when required.


Simbavati provides access to professionally prepared critical information about your business, relieving you from the constant pressure of keeping your financial records up to date. These services include bookkeeping, budgeting, cash flow analysis and payroll.

Central Reservations

Our team of highly skilled reservationists understands that in order to maximise your revenue and increase your occupancies their task begins long before the initial enquiry comes in. We believe that by investing efforts early on in the booking cycle, we can not only understand the guests’ needs but also ensure that we reach the right audience and build a lasting relationship creating a return guest for you as our client.

Human Resources

Our HR team offers guidance and assistance relating to any form of staffing matters at your property. Our fine-tuned insight in this field stems from the experience we have of working with people from different backgrounds and cultural circumstances. We strive to instill a sense of unity and pride amongst staff members as representatives of world class brands.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing starts with how we present our lodges on our website, via social media, and email marketing. We participate in sales visits and trade shows (both virtual and in person) with the travel trade. It continues through to the reservation process and during the stay itself. By increasing digital presence and utilising our ever growing database, we create awareness and form a community with past and future guests from our portfolio.

Other Services

We provide a full suite of different business consulting services to help lower your risks. These additional services provided by industry and area specialists are charged out at an hourly rate.

To find out more about how we can successfully manage your lodge or hotel, contact

Mike Mulligan at mike@simbavati.com or call 087 150 5930.

Meet the Management Team

Mike Mulligan


Lori-Ann Kietzmann

Operations: Guest Experience

Nichola Waterhouse

Operations: HR and Training

Anke Reynders


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Danette van Nieker


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