Here you will find Africalm…

Where it’s wild, we feel tranquillity
With adventure, comes escape
Amid excitement, surprising peace
A natural re-set
With Simbavati, we find calm Africalm

Africalm is a state of ‘BE-ing’ where body, mind and spirit align. This brings about a joyful presence in each moment, where the essence of life is fully appreciated.
It’s a feeling… Wholeness. Stillness. Excitement. Wonder. Grace.
It’s that perfect moment in time, enhanced by the essence of Simbavati’s Africa …

Nurture in nature

You may have almost forgotten that there is a natural world out there that is so vast and surprising. Now as we start to stir again, it is time to nurture not only your senses, but your soul.

At Simbavati, we strive every day to make our experiences more meaningful, immersive and sustainable. 

We see first-hand how this can positively impact you, our guests, but also the people you meet, and the wildlife and landscapes you encounter. A restorative adventure for you; vital support for communities and the environment. 

Never be in any doubt that your trip to Simbavati is doing anything but good.

A natural re-set

Our goal is to help you reconnect with nature and, in turn, reconnect with yourself and the friends and family you’re traveling with. As you explore, you also enrich your inner life, creating a positive personal impact that continues beyond this one trip.

Nothing can quite compare with the sense of wellbeing gained from spending time in nature, nourished with simple comforts. The luxury of our lodges, the amicable warmth of our team, eating well and fresh air is what everybody needs. 

As you fall into the rhythm of nature, you slowly drift away from everyday stress and move towards being more mindful and centred. (The exceptional spa treatments can play their part, too.)