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Simbavati Lodge Collection is exceptionally excited to announce the launch of Simbavati, Tanzania.

Simbavati Grumeti lies within Tanzania’s fabled northern safari circuit. The luxury lodge is nestled on the open plains between the Serengeti National Park and the Grumeti River.

Simbavati Migration Camp, follows the wildebeest migration around the Serengeti. It moves it’s prime location twice a year, seasonally, positioning itself best for river crossing sightings during the Great Migration and the wildebeest birthing period later in the year.

Simbavati Serengeti Hills and Simbavati Tarangire will complete the circuit.

Tanzanian Locations

  • Simbavati Grumeti is located in the Ikona Wildlife Management Area (WMA), nestled between the Serengeti National Park and the Grumeti River
  • Simbavati Migration Camp is located near the Mara River in the in the north of the Serengeti National Park during the wildebeest migration season from June to October. It moves south of the Serengeti during the calving season between January and March, near to Lake Ndutu
  • Simbavati Serengeti Hills is located 50km to the west of Seronera
  • Simbavati Tarangire is located in the Tarangire National Park



Simbavati Grumeti is nestled on the open plains between the Serengeti National Park and the Grumeti River, within Tanzania’s exciting northern safari circuit. Expect an immersive and awe-inspiring experience in a wilderness dominated by huge gatherings of wildlife.

These plains are also home to massive herds of wildebeest,
which gather during their annual migration and traverse between the north and south of the Serengeti National Park. Buffalo, giraffe, lion and other wildlife are also often seen from your tent and the lodge.

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Migration Camp

Simbavati Migration Camp moves seasonally through the Serengeti, following the wildebeest migration. The luxury mobile camp is based in the north from June to October, perfectly placed to witness the Mara river crossings. It moves to the southern plains from December to March in prime position, where the wildebeest give birth to thousands of calves each year.

The six canvas tents and one family tent each have en-suite bathrooms and all the amenities and comforts expected at a Simbavati lodge.

The camp has a central dining and lounge tent where guests can congregate for meal times whilst watching the zebras or Thompson’s gazelle pass by the camp. Dinner is served under the stars.


Serengeti Hills

Located 50km to the west of Seronera, Simbavati Serengeti Hills is the flagship in our Tanzanian portfolio. The setting boasts exceptional year-round game viewing. The luxury lodge is easily accessible from either Grumeti or Seronera airstrip, yet far enough away from the main tourist areas to offer privacy and exclusivity.

Simbavati Serengeti Hills will comprise of 8 spacious rooms, each with its own private deck. The elevated lounge and dining area will offer expansive views over the plains and a fully immersive safari experience.



Sheltered between ancient boulders atop a rocky outcrop, Simbavati Tarangire is located in Tanzania’s northern sector within the Tarangire National Park.

The newest addition to the portfolio will complete our Tanzania circuit and add wonderous diversity in experiences and habitat. It overlooks the Tarangire National Park to the south, and Lake Manyara and the Great Rift to the north.

This permanent lodge will entail 8 rooms, each with its own private deck. The lodge will offer twice daily game drives within the park, as well as excursions to the neighbouring Manyara National Park or Ngorongoro Crater on request.


Simbavati’s pre-costed packages are designed to ensure the seamless curation of the perfect Tanzanian trip.

Our exclusive packages blend the excitement of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit with personalised service, inviting lodges, and private departures, ensuring every guest’s travel preference are fulfilled.

Discover the allure of Tanzania with Simbavati.

Tanzanian Seasons

When to visit?

As the Serengeti enters its Dry Season from June to October, a pleasant coolness fills the air, while the days still embrace warmth. The once lush vegetation now stands dry and sparse while wildlife congregate around communal water sources, offering remarkable game viewing opportunities 

The Wet Season spans from March to May and is often referred to as the ‘Long Rains,’ in the Serengeti. These months bring refreshing showers and a sense of renewal to the land adding diversity to the safari experience. This period marks the  safari low season, presenting a unique opportunity to explore the Serengeti with fewer crowds and a more intimate connection to nature’s rhythm.

In contrast, the ‘Short Rains’ gently touch the Serengeti during November and December. These nourishing rains green the earth again and rarely persist, making for enjoyable safari days.