Walking Safari

The aim of a walking safari is to gain a holistic understanding of the bush, led by an armed and specially trained walking guide. The pace is relaxed and your guide will often pause to talk about trees and bushes and their traditional and medicinal uses, dung middens, animal spoor, anthills, termite mounds and more. Whereas a game drive is very much about “spotting” and the sharp-eyed will get lots of kudos, a bush walk uses and sharpens all five senses. Being on foot in the bush can be both grounding and thrilling at once, but always informative.

Take it slow

Without the hum of an engine, you will begin to notice all the sounds of the bush, from the serenading songbirds to the crackle of branches betraying elephants feeding in the distance. With our qualified walking guides, you will discover a sense of true connection with nature and you may even get the chance to view our larger game on foot.

Encounters with large animals are always possible but the objective is to observe the wildlife from a safe distance, rather than walk toward big game.

Simbavati Trails Camp - walking safari