Spring Flowers & Biedouw Valley

At certain times of the year (mainly August) a visit to the spring wild flowers can be a real highlight for many visitors. This spring phenomenon is typically at its peak in mid-August. (But it does depend on the rains and can last into early September.)

After good winter rains the normally dry land of agter-Pakhuis can become a carpet of spring flowers with nemesias, lachenalias, babiana and ixias seen in great profusion. The Biedouw valley is often a mecca. But other good areas for spring flowers include the Botterkloof valley and Nardouwsberg. However the spring flower time varies every year.

Excursions with Cederberg Ridge

Flower viewing

During the spring flower season, we incorporate some flower-viewing into our excursions from the lodge. Usually we extend our Sevilla rock art tour to also visit the Biedouw valley with a picnic lunch. 

Or we make offer a full day tour to the Nieuwoutville area. It depends on the flower displays each year.

TIMINg of the Flowers

Superb Exhibition

The best spring flower displays are usually in early to late August. Not September as many people think! The Clanwilliam Flower Show is held at the end of August each year. (It is usually the last weekend in August to the first weekend in September.) This is a superb exhibition of all the flowers in the region.

In good years (lots of winter rain) the flowers can continue into early September. But if it’s flowers you want, come in August!

Visiting Independently

Self-drive Tour

However if the timing of our tour doesn’t suit you, you can also enjoy a self-drive tour over the Pakhuis Pass to the Biedouw Valley.

Or we make offer a full day tour to the Nieuwoutville area. It depends on the flower displays each year.

Spring Wild Flower Displays

Carpet of spring flowers

After good winter rains comes the displays of wild spring flowers. This is particularly good in the hinterland of the Cederberg, in the area known as “Agter Pakhuis” and the Bieudouw Valley. Here you may be lucky to see carpet of spring flowers with nemesias, babiana and ixias in great profusion.

So in season, usually August and depending on the winter rains, we add some flower-viewing to our Sevilla rock art excursions. This makes the rock art tour more like a full day excursion. So we take a picnic lunch to enjoy in the veld. (The Afrikaans name for natural non-farmed countryside in South Africa.)