Bush Walks

A bush walk is a completely different way to experience the African bush. You gain a far greater sense of the landscape and how everything is inter-connected.

It is ideal for guests wanting to learn about the lesser-known aspects of the bush, up close and personal. Yes, there is always a chance of an encounter with one of the larger wildlife, but this is not the objective of a bush walk. Quiet observation from a safe distance is the order of the day.

Bush walks are subject to the availability of walking safari guides at the time of your stay.

experience the African bush

Gain More Knowledge

Your walking guide is highly trained and carries a rifle to ensure your safety. During the walk you may learn how to recognise spoor of different animals, which trees have medicinal uses or how the trees protect themselves naturally from over-grazing.

You’ll learn how every creature, however small, has a part to play in this interwoven natural circle of life.

All that’s required is a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunblock and some curiosity.