Beach Visits

The South African coastline is one of the most wondrous in the world. And we have a prime part of it on our doorstep. Magnificent sandstone cliffs form the backdrop to an unforgettable beach experience. 

You can visit independently. Or you can book to enjoy our Beach experience.

Guided Mountain Bike Trails

Beach Experience

Book a day at the beach with us where we will set you up to soak up the sun and enjoy swimming in the beautiful and exhilarating Indian Ocean. Guests can be transported to and from the beach (if you wish) or you can head there with your own vehicle. We’ll supply shade, beach towels and complimentary sunscreen along with comfortable seating arrangement and a cooler box for beverages to keep you hydrated.

Order a picnic basket for eats during the day. And if we can even supply you with beach games if you like to keep busy in between swimming and sun-bathing.  

If you wish to explore the coast we have experienced guides available at low tide to do an easy hike to the beautiful Gerickes Point. Here they can explain about the wonders of the ocean pools. As well as discuss the local fauna and flora of the area. You can snorkel in the tidal pools, enjoy the short hike up to Gerickes Point for a great photo opportunity.