Join us at Camp George and experience true africalm!

Camp George



Oasis of tranquillity

Camp George offers an oasis of tranquillity within the wilds of the Klaserie Game Reserve. It is a classic safari escape, set alongside a dry riverbed and within lush indigenous gardens Designed for couples, family and friends, this intimate lodge comprises eight luxury suites, each with its own private deck.

This elegant safari lodge is the perfect mix of authentic tradition with a modern twist.  The convivial and art-filled living areas lead out to expansive terraces. Beyond lies the mature indigenous garden which naturally evoke a sense of tranquillity and relaxation. Enjoy the serenity of the many huge fever and baobab trees, read a book in the swing chair, or watch the game at the waterhole where animals come to drink through the day.

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Why we love it

Refined Luxury

Refined bushveld retreat offering stylish suites

Art & Décor

The perfect mix of authentic tradition with a modern twist. A bespoke collection of local art, both indoors and outdoors.

Fenced Garden Oasis

Peaceful indigenous gardens with huge fever trees & rare collection of cycads

Food & Wine

Imaginative cuisine with fresh seasonal produce, paired with fine South African wine


Select Room

Eight Luxury Suites

Eight luxury suites with their own private deck overlook the dry riverbed. Each has a beautiful wall mural which adds a unique touch of style to the room. Each of the air-conditioned suites has a king-sized bed (convertible to twin).

It is elegantly furnished with beautiful indigenous wood furniture. There’s a large and indulgent bathroom with deep soaking tub, indoor and outdoor shower and separate toilet.

Simbavati Camp George - bedroom
Simbavati Camp George - bedroom detail
Camp George - suite
Simbavati Camp George - bedroom & bathroom
Camp George - suite deck
Simbavati Camp George - ouitdoor shower


Things to see & do

Top Reasons to Visit

Cycads and garden

Cycad Tranquility

The tranquil gardens of Camp George are certainly a distinguishing feature with many mature fever trees and baobab trees. Birdlife is naturally attracted to the flowering shrubs so relaxing in the garden with some binoculars can be an enjoyable and restful activity. Within the garden is a rare collection of cycad species.

There are myriad ways to relax at Camp George; lounge around the expansive swimming pool, leisurely game-viewing by the waterhole. Or why not indulge in a garden picnic under the beautiful, almost luminous fever trees.


Local artists

Camp George showcases a good collection of modern African art with local artists.


Chef’s Island

Get personally involved with the chef in preparing South African dishes around the Chef’s island or in the Boma over an open fire. Choose a wine from our wine collection to compliment the dish.

Camp George food


Garden Picnics

One of the special elements of Camp George are its garden picnics. Perfect for those celebrating a special anniversary but available to all romantics. You enjoy a picnic under the shade of the fever trees overlooking the productive waterhole just beyond the garden confines. Perhaps follow it up with a short siesta as the fenced garden means that you can truly relax.

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Take a journey into Simbavati Camp George's unique essence and story. We share a glimpse into it's past, present and future, highlighting what makes it an incredible safari destination with a big heart.


It began in 1988 when Camp George first opened its doors. Fondly named after its founder, the late George Huysamer, the lodge is still in the family today, sharing George’s original passion for the South African bush and commitment to conservation.

George’s son, Deon, currently part-owns the lodge and is also chairman of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, which Simbavati Camp George is set within. His personal description taps into the heart and soul of the lodge when he says,

“The Klaserie, and Camp George specifically, was always a safe oasis where we as a family spent time together, away from the pressures of the world outside. It was a place where we invited our friends and family to share the special experiences with us. It was a place where everyone could just be. I have followed in my father’s footsteps and carried on with his legacy of a love for the bush, nature and people. I am driven by the belief that you must leave a place in a better state than in which you found it. We are only the gatekeepers of this beautiful place. It is also imperative to make a difference in the lives of the communities around us.”


It is an oasis of tranquility for all who stay there.

Along with Simbavati and Deon, Frank Kilbourn is Simbavati Camp George's other owner. He is the chairman of Strauss & Co and responsible for the beautiful art found in the lodge as well as the complete collection of South African cycads on its grounds.

A love for nature and a sense of tranquility the wilderness brings is what spreads through Simbavati Camp George.

Set within the glorious Klaserie wilderness, the lodge attracts and surpasses the expectations of guests searching for the ultimate safari experience in one of the best wildlife areas in Kruger, underpinned by a sense of peace and beauty. The incredible food, lush lodge grounds and beauty in the attention to detail makes it a dreamy experience.

The staff ensure every guest leaves as a friend, fulfilled and at peace.


Simbavati Camp George has a big heart, just like its namesake and founder did. A passion for supporting the surrounding Klaserie community and its children is especially important in making a real difference to the future.

In 2007, identifying a need to support the families of the lodge staff, their children were invited to spend the school holidays at Simbavati Camp George. Here they learnt about the wild environment around them and the importance of conserving it.

In the lush gardens, under the beautiful trees, the first lessons took place. The seeds were sown for what is Eco Children today.

Learn more about supporting Eco Children’s work around student bursaries, nutrition and educational development on their website.

Throughout the years, over it's past, in it's present and into the future, Simbavati Camp George is a lodge with heart. Set in the most wondrous wilderness, inside the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, this tranquil and welcoming safari lodge is a haven of peace for guests and offers the most riveting safari experience. It is truly a well-rounded and special destination.

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Camp George - suite deck

Camp George

Camp George- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Disconnect to Reconnect

Growing up in a family that loves nature and wildlife, I have a long history of travelling for leg-numbing hours in the back of the land-rover. We kids had special beds and an assortment of books and games to keep us entertained. And let’s admit, quiet too. All as we headed for some new and suitably adventurous destination to go camping.

Our arrival at the camp would be a mix of excitement and groans. No scampering to a pool. We had to get set up first before it got dark, or before we could go out for an activity. But there were evenings around the campfire with stories until late into the night. Then we would head to bed - only to lie awake listening. And sometimes being terrified of the noises around us. But that's invariably part of the excitement and good for new stories for the next day! These are still some of our fondest memories growing up.

These days, of course, there is the option of coming to a safari lodge, where everything is organised ready for you. Families on safari have much less to think about, let alone do. We take care of your welcoming tent, your meals and your game drives, giving you much more time to relax.

And that's what one should get out of family trips away - an opportunity to make memories, have fun. And, most importantly, reconnect as a family. All the while, having a safe environment for kids to relax and be kids. And for adults to have a little pampering.

Families on Safari - the crucial question of age

So what age should your kids be for a safari? The ideal age to safely appreciate game drives on safari is from around 8 years or older. That's why we chose to set the limit at Amani and Camp George to eight years old. However, we are a little more flexible at River Lodge and have happily hosted kids of all ages. The same goes for Homestead where there’s no minimum age either. One does need to consider exactly where you go, though. Many safari lodges have a minimum age limit, mainly for safety reasons. If you have young kids on a game vehicle, the guide will not go as close to some predator sightings for obvious reasons. Plus remember that in the Kruger, malaria is a consideration, especially in our summer months.

For game drives, children need to be over 6 to take part in shared game drives at River Lodge. Sometimes it is possible to pre-organise a private game drive vehicle (at an extra cost per day). This gives more more flexibility to a family safari as you can go for shorter drives, which really helps for little ones with a smaller attention span.

How do the kids stay amused at Simbavati?

Our family-friendly lodges try to be flexible and tailors activities according to the kids - their ages, interests and weather. The options are varied, both indoors and outdoors, ranging from crafts, nature hunts, track mouldings, elephant dung cricket, card and paper making. All the way to seasonal delights of frogging and mud wallowing - yes dirt equals fun!

For older kids, there are nature walks, baking with the chefs, macro photography, learning local languages to a junior tracker or ranger course. Which of course comes with a badge or certificate.

At River Lodge in the Timbavati, there's even a Cubs Club. This is equipped with TV, DVD’s, games, archery practice area, books, maps and a discovery nook with bugs, bones, dung & identification tools. So everyone gets something! But each lodge has a refreshing swimming pool and some can even do spa treatments. Camp George and Amani have fenced in gardens which means that kids have space to play, without anxious parents. 

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Simbavati River Lodge - family safaris


Camp George



River Lodge

Tips on Families on Safari

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Through supporting and uplifting local children we, and our guests, can make a difference in the future.

Imagine living on the borders of one of Africa’s greatest National Parks, but having never seen a zebra or elephant in reality. The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve recognised that the communities surrounding the Greater Kruger area are a key part of its future conservation. However, these same communities are completely disconnected from their natural heritage. Thus, Eco Children was created as an initiative by the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve (KPNR) to educate and enrich the lives of its employees' children through holiday ‘bush’ workshops. These nature-based camps aimed to foster an understanding and passion for wildlife, creating a future generation of nature guardians.

In the Beginning

Deon Huysamer is an owner of Simbavati Camp George and recalls how the concept of the Eco Children charity took form.

“In 2007, our farm manager, at the time, and I had a lively debate about the separation of reserve/camp staff from their children whilst they were working in the reserve. We agreed about the unhealthy social consequences this had and discussed what we could do to improve the situation. We decided to bring the children to their parents over school holidays and to teach them about eco-related subjects.

Our immediate solution was to conduct the first classes in Camp George’s gardens. We then started to train selected reserve/camp staff in eco-subjects and soon the children were being taught about conservation and wildlife in their own language.”

In the lush gardens of Camp George, under the beautiful trees, the seeds were sown for what we know as Eco Children today.

From its humble beginnings, Eco Children has since extended its reach to over 5,000 children in some of the poorest communities in South Africa. Following a whole-school development approach, they have adopted nine local primary schools, where the focus is not just on conservation education but also improving school infrastructure, installing a new kitchen and fully-stocked library as well as a vegetable eco-garden capable of supplementing school meals.

Nutrition First

Ensuring that each child receives a filling, nutritious meal and has a safe, hygienic place to study is the foundation of Eco Children’s work. Once a child’s daily needs are being met, the programme’s other initiatives can be implemented. Their Eco-Villages combine  colourful eco-gardens with a dedicated classroom for lessons in conservation and natural science taught by local Environmental Educators. 

A Love for Reading

The new libraries help develop a culture of reading that has been shown to have a huge impact on literacy skills and attainment in education. An incentives programme motivates children to engage in their learning by rewarding achievement with books, new uniforms, overnight winner’s excursions and day trips into the Kruger National Park. 

Getting the Best Start

Lastly, Eco Children established their coveted bursary programme. Identifying talented learners who would otherwise be held back by the burdens of poverty, these children are awarded a first-class education at Southern Cross Schools in Hoedspruit. To date, 34 students have benefitted from the scheme, with several having completed tertiary education and now leading successful careers, inspiring the next generation in their communities. 

How Can You Help?

Guests that are passionate about making sustainable difference during a stay at our Simbavati Lodges in the  Klaserie, can consider adding an enlightening school tour to their trip or donating to one of Eco Children’s programmes.

Simbavati proudly supports and endorses the work that Eco Children does and is passionate about uplifting the foundation’s work and the children benefiting from it. 

Discover our Simbavati lodges in the Klaserie region, for your perfect safari experience with a heart for sustainability.

For more information about Eco Children, visit their website at www.ecochildren.co.za 

This article was compiled by Simbavati Lodge Collection and Emily Whiting

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Camp George




Kruger Klaserie


Uplifting our Communities with Eco Children

/ Camp George


Getting There

Simbavati Camp George is approx 60 to 90 minutes from Hoedspruit Eastgate airport, depending on how comfortable you are driving on gravel roads. It can be accessed via a rental car.

Directions from Hoedspruit Airport

As you exit the Airport, turn left for Klaserie Game Reserve onto Argyle Road. Continue until you reach the Enkhulu control gate of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.  Please note that continuous cell phone reception ends here.

At this gate you will tell security you are going to Camp George/Amani/Homestead in the Klaserie. You DO NOT pay an entrance fee at this gate. Immediately after the gate, there’s a cattle grid in front you. Do not cross this grid. Instead you turn immediately left before the grid and follow the road as it doubles back on itself and then curves to the right to head to the Klaserie main gate (Incheni Gate). This takes about 10 to 15 mins drive.

At the gate, you will be required to pay an entrance fee in cash. (This changes on a yearly basis).  This gate is open from 6am to 6pm. The lodge would have at this stage sent a QR code to the gate for your entry (Passport or SA ID information is required for your QR code). 

Go through the gate and continue straight on the main road for quite some distance (approx 20 minutes) until you reach a big cell/radio tower. At the cell tower you will find a sign on a stone plinth on your left saying Northumberland/Fife/Klaseriemond/Durham/Dundee East. Turn right.

Follow the powerline on your left for approx 3.2km. Where the powerline heads away from the road, you will find a sign on your rights saying Camp George/Amani Safari Camp. Turn left here. 

Continue until the next sign (on a stone plinth) and turn right here. At the next stone plinth/sign, you continue straight on for Camp George. At the triangle, keep right. The fork will fork again and you keep left. At the next fork, keep right. This will take you to Camp George down the hill.

Aim to arrive by 2.30pm, if possible so that you have ample time to settle in before the game drive. If you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances, please let us know on (015) 004 1400

Note: Please do NOT rely on your GPS after Hoedspruit. It will lead you onto the incorrect roads where you could get loss and stuck!


From Johannesburg Airport – ± 6½ to 7 hours’ drive (505km)

From Kruger Airport – 3 + hours (190km)

From Hazyview – 2 to 2 ½ hours (140km via the R40)

From the Three Rondavels view point (last point on the Panorama route, 145km) – 2½ hours (so depart by 12 noon latest).

Directions from Johannesburg to Simbavati Camp George (± 6½ – 7 hour drive)

The most direct route is via N4 then Dullstroom to Lydenburg and Ohrigstad and onto Hoedspruit. However some people prefer to take the northern route via Polokwane and Tzaneen as there are fewer potholes. See Downloadable Directions. 

From Johannesburg take the N12 to Witbank (Emalahleni) and continue on the N4 towards Nelspruit.  (From Pretoria, take the N4 to Witbank).  Follow the N4 and turn left to Belfast (Off ramp R33/R540). Once in Belfast, turn right into Voortrekker Street and continue straight on the R540 to Dullstroom.  

Drive straight through Dullstroom and continue to Lydenburg (name change to Mashishing) on the R540. At the T-junction turn left into Lydenburg (Mashishing) into Viljoen Street (R36).  Turn left again into Voortrekker Street.  Turn right into De Clercq Street and follow the R36 through Ohrigstad.  After the Abel Erasmus pass, the R36 turns left to Tzaneen. Do not turn left here. Instead continue straight on the R527 to Hoedspruit.

In Hoedspruit, continue straight. After the bridge crossing the railway line, turn right at the four way stop and continue south on the R40 for another 6.4km.  Turn left onto the D1909 (Argyle Road). The sign says Timbavati/Eastgate Airport road.  Then follow the Hoedspruit directions to the Lodge.

Directions from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport or Hazyview

KMIA – 3+ hours (195km) * Hazyview – Allow 2½ hours (140km)

The most direct route from Kruger Intl Airport is via the R40 thorough White River and Hazyview. Similarly if you are staying in or near Hazyview, the R40 north is the direct route. Just 6.5km south of Hoedspruit. You turn right onto the Timbavati/Eastgate Airport road. Allow 1½ hours to get from Hazyview to the Timbavati turnoff. Then another hour to get to the Lodge. Once on the Timbavati Road, you immediately pass the Eastgate Airport. Then follow the Hoedspruit directions to the Lodge.

Alternative Panorama route if staying at a Hazyview Lodge: 

The R40 is a difficult road given the number of slow trucks and cars as well as many pedestrians. It takes longer than you would expect. 

So if you have time, we recommend enjoying a tour of the Panorama route via the Blyde River canyon. Note that this is a longer route (240km from Hazyview to your Lodge (or 3¾ hours driving). En route you can stop off at the Bournes Luck potholes, Gods Window and the Three Rondavels

TIP: It takes approx 2½ + hours to get to the camp from the Three Rondavels viewpoint. So don’t leave the Three Rondavels later than 12 noon. Assuming you spend 1½ hours at the various stopping off points, we recommend leaving your lodge by 8.30am.


Each of the eight luxury suites has a king-sized bed (which can be converted to twin), dressing table, minibar, air conditioning, ceiling fan, and a full en suite bathroom with oval bath tub, double vanity, separate toilet, indoor shower. Outside is a private terrace with al fresco shower. Two inter-leading units are available for families traveling together (to make a two bedroom, two bathroom unit).

In- room Facilities
● Private terrace overlooking dry riverbed
● Air-conditioning – for cooling and heating
● Ceiling fan
● Minibar with drinks and snacks
● Coffee and tea-making facilities
● Bathroom – bath, indoor and outdoor shower, double vanity
● Complimentary eco-friendly amenities
● Hair-dryer
● Mini-safe for storing valuables
● Room equipped with electronic eco-friendly insect spray (10 min intervals)
● Laundry service – laundry bag in room

Lodge Facilities & Good to Know
● Main lodge with sitting area with books and board games
● Interesting collection of modern African art
● Complimentary wifi in rooms and in main guest areas
● Convivial bar (though the bar chairs are not made for small people)
● Dining room leading out to alfresco dining on the terrace
● Swimming pool set within in mature, fenced garden
● Open air boma around a campfire, overlooking the dry riverbed
● Safari spa – one treatment room
● Fully equipped gym
● Unique collection of Cycads



Enquire about our SA Resident Offers.

1 Feb 2023
to 7 Jan 2024
8 Jan 2024
to 5 Jan 2025
Per Person SharingR10,375R14,925
Per SingleR13,825R11,200



Booking Policy

General Information

Children are welcome from 8 years upwards and can join the adult game drive.  There are two inter-leading rooms so that a family of four can enjoy two bedrooms with two en suite bathrooms.

Note: There is no kids centre. So if you have younger kids, then you may wish to consider Simbavati River Lodge as alternative?

The Kruger is a malarial area so we recommend that you take anti-malaria prophylaxis. Mosquitos are less prevalent in the winter. We also recommend anti-mosquito repellent to stop you from getting bitten.


What is a typical pattern of safari activities?

What’s the ideal length of stay?

Is there wifi?

What should I wear for a game drive?

What should I wear for a bush walk?

Get in Contact


Inneke and Manie Esterhuizen

Lodge telephone number: 015 004 1400 

Reservations: +27 87 151 4520

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