Covid-19 Booking Policy.

Simbavati Lodge Collection – Flexible Covid-19 Policy

Valid until 31 December 2022

We understand that these are very uncertain times. So we have put flexibility at the heart of everything we do.

Free cancellation up to 15 days before arrival

Covid 19 Payment and Cancellation Policy for FITs

  • Direct reservations require a 10% deposit upon booking confirmation, to be paid within 7 days. (This is fully refundable if you need to cancel up to 15 days prior to travel. Or in the case of last-minute Covid-19 issues.)
  • Final payment is due only 15 days prior to arrival.
  • For last minute reservations, full payment is required upon confirmation.
  • Up to 15 days prior to arrival: no cancellation fees (Any deposit is refundable, minus bank charges.)
  • Less than 15 days prior to arrival: 90% cancellation fee – see Last Minute Changes.
  • Please note that a 100% cancellation fee will be charged if you decide to depart early while staying with us, unless for a bona fide Covid-19 reason – see below.

Last Minute changes (within 15 days) due to Covid-19

We are aware that occasionally, last-minute changes may be needed due to Covid-19, such a suddenly-imposed ‘travel decree’, or a personal covid-19 diagnosis. Please outline the specific circumstances to us. 

Please note: We will offer 100% refund, or postponement at the same prices under the following circumstances.

  • In the case of an SA travel ban on arrivals, intra or inter-provinicial restrictions on travel
  • An official ban in your country of residence*
  • A personal Covid-19 diagnosis (on submission of your test results) 

Official ban – We consider it to be an official ban when either of the following are imposed:

  • It is illegal to travel to South Africa, or to travel abroad for leisure purposes
  • There is an enforced quarantine in a hotel facility after travelling abroad, or specifically to South Africa

A general Covid-19 advisory against travel is not considered an official ban. However we will accept postponements to new dates at current prices.

Please note that if there is no change in status, then it is up to you to cancel or postpone prior to 15 days before travel. This allows us a chance to be able to resell the room.  


If you, or your clients, postpone to new dates due to an official ban, or a lesser Covid-19 advisory in your country of residence, we will honour the existing prices. 

However if you cancel outright and then decide to rebook the same clients much later on, then generally our prices for the new dates will apply.  

For other personal Covid 19 issues, please chat to us. We are happy to hold your payment as a credit towards future travel.