Star Gazing

Wish you could get to see more Stars and stare at them for hours? The Cederberg is star-gazing heaven. Our night skies are beautiful with little or no cloud cover year round, and very little light pollution.. And yet we are a mere 2½ hours from Cape Town. (Yes Sutherland may have a slight edge. But we are much less of a drive!)

Star Talks happen every second or third night, if the weather and moon phases will allow it. (A full moon doesnt make for great star-gazing). Learn all about the mysteries of stars and constellations. (Alternatively ask Craig how to use the portable telescope which is in the lounge at Cederberg Ridge.) Or you can simply sit outside of your room and let the stars capture all your thoughts and dreams!


Spectacular skies

Throughout the year the constellations are constantly moving. But the one that stays year round in the Southern Hemisphere, and the one that most people love to see, is the Southern Cross!

Come and learn how to find True South with the Southern Cross and witness a couple thousand stars and even some planets with the naked eye.