Night Drives & Star-gazing

Night drives take place after the sun goes down, using a spotlight to search for a glimpse of a nocturnal hunter in the beam. Or one of the shy nocturnal animals which only operate after dark.

This may include some of the smaller cats such as civets and genets. Or the extremely rare and surprisingly aggressive honey badger. You may even encounter one of the predators starting their night-time hunt.



While following a predator is always a thrill, sometimes one of the greatest joys can be sitting in the darkness with the engine switched off, as your guide points out some of the constellations and stars of the Southern hemisphere.

Our night skies are beautiful, especially in the dry season months, with very little light pollution.

Throughout the year the constellations are constantly moving. But the one that stays year-round in the Southern Hemisphere is the Southern Cross! Learn how to find True South with the Southern Cross and witness a couple thousand stars and even some planets with the naked eye.