Hiking Trails

The Cederberg Mountains rise majestically above the vineyards and citrus groves of the Oliphants River valley. Most of the mountain range is part of the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve and remains one of the most pristine areas of South Africa. Ancient mountain trails, originally cast by woodcutters, take you past curious rock formations and pristine fynbos, such as the rare Snow Protea and Clanwilliam pincushion.

Apart from the occasional “boulderer”, (free-style rock climbers), it is rare to see other walkers in the northern Cederberg. You can join one of our guided walks, or you can walk independently. It is up to you!

Guided Walks

Explore the wilderness

Cederberg Ridge offers its own guided walking trails, both on our own farm, and the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve which is only 15 minutes’ drive from the lodge. Farm Trails range from easy walks of 45-60 minutes to a hike up the iconic Spitzkop peak with its panoramic views. We also offer guided walks in the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve. Again these range from an easy 30-45 minute stroll before sundowner drinks through to 3 hours. It varies by season and weather. Note: There are options for more serious full day treks if you are a group of 4 or more. Contact us to discuss this prior to your arrival. It would be subject to availability of guides as it’s outside our usual portfolio of excursions.

Independent walking

Indulge your senses…

We have a series of walking trails on our farm which range from 45 minutes to 3 hours in duration and from easy to more taxing (up Spitzkop Mountain.)
These paths are all marked and we give you a map for each trail. Ridge walk (R) – 45 mins easy, apart from a short 10 min uphill at the start to get up to the top of the ridge
Valley Walk (V) – circular, but with plenty of cut-across points so you choose how far as you wish to walk, up to 1½ hours if walk the whole valley including the orchards and vineyards.
Valley & Plateau Walk (P) – circular walk of approx 1½ hours
Spitzkop Circular Walk (S) – varied circular walk, 2 hours from parking area, 2½ to 3 hours from the lodge
Spitzkop Ridge (SR) – Strenuous hike up our mountain, 2 hours from parking area, 2½ to 3 hours from the lodge.

Cederberg Wilderness reserve

Self guided walks…

You can also do some of the classic walks in the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve on a self-guided basis.
You’ll need to purchase a day permit to walk in the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve. This can be collected from the Cape Nature office at Kliphuis (northern Cederberg) or Algeria Forest Station (central Cederberg). We also recommend the Slingsby map (sold in our shop) which shows the maintained walking trails.
Please note that some of the paths are not very clear so we recommend discussing the trail at the lodge when you stay with us.

Suggested Cederberg Wilderness Hikes

The Best Trails

Heuningvlei Jeep Track – easy to follow, linear so ranging from 30 mins to up to 4½ hours if you walked all the way there and back!

Shorter Circular Pakhuis hike – less clear, best to do guided (1½ hours)

Longer Circular Pakhuis hike – less clear, discuss the route with us (3 to 4 hours)

Algeria waterfall hike – easy to follow, also offered as a guided walk (2+ hours)

Wolfberg Cracks – easy to follow, but the starting point is 1½ hours’ drive from the lodge, so only recommended for winter, and takes the full day from Cederberg Ridge. Maltese Cross – same as Wolfberg cracks.