Cederberg Wine Estates and Wine-tasting

Simbavati Cederberg Ridge - wine-tasting

Cederberg Wine Estates & wine-tasting One of the many exciting tasks of starting a new lodge is to compile an interesting, thoughtfully balanced wine list. As you may imagine, this was a project taken on with great dedication (and perseverance) by our team at Cederberg Ridge. We made an early decision to only include wine … Read more

Spring Flowers in the Cederberg

Simbavati Cederberg Ridge - wild spring flowers

There’s a spring in everyone’s step, the bees start buzzing, temperatures start rising and the rains are almost done. It’s that time of year again here in the Western Cape when the days eyes (Daisy’s) are abundant and there are so many more flowers. Murphy (famous for his ‘law’) may be happy because this time … Read more