Uplifting our Communities with Eco Children

Through supporting and uplifting local children we, and our guests, can make a difference in the future. Imagine living on the borders of one of Africa’s greatest National Parks, but having never seen a zebra or elephant in reality. The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve recognised that the communities surrounding the Greater Kruger area are a … Read more

Meet Innocent, the Soul of the Bar at Simbavati Camp George

Fondly known as “Umfundisi” by the Simbavati Camp George family, Innocent epitomises the understated and assured professionalism that guests relish during their time at Simbavati Camp George. He is a master mixologist and the soul of the Simbavati Camp George bar, where his humble grin touches everyone he serves. Being a longstanding resident of the … Read more

Camp George- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Camp George - suite deck

Take a journey into Simbavati Camp George’s unique essence and story. We share a glimpse into it’s past, present and future, highlighting what makes it an incredible safari destination with a big heart. Yesterday It began in 1988 when Camp George first opened its doors. Fondly named after its founder, the late George Huysamer, the … Read more

Tips on Families on Safari

Simbavati River Lodge - family safaris

Disconnect to Reconnect Growing up in a family that loves nature and wildlife, I have a long history of travelling for leg-numbing hours in the back of the land-rover. We kids had special beds and an assortment of books and games to keep us entertained. And let’s admit, quiet too. All as we headed for … Read more

Secret Seven wildlife of the Timbavati & Klaserie

Secret seven wildlife - aarvark

Our ‘Secret Seven’ wildlife species in Africa are rarely seen and elusive animals. Well, the name says it all. These are the most secretive animals and even many frequent visitors to National Parks and wildlife reserves haven’t been fortunate enough to see them all.  The secret seven comprise aardvark, African wild cat, civet, large spotted … Read more

What to look out for on a walking safari

Simbavati Trails camp - walking safari & guiding

So what sort of things are we looking for when on a walking safari? At Simbavati Trails camp, or any bush walk for that matter. Since we are part of the Timbavati Game Reserve, which is part of the Greater Kruger area, we do have free-roaming game including the Big 5. But, when we are … Read more